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国外教授研发自杀机器 可帮助人们安乐死?-nba投注app

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A high-tech suicide machine is being touted by a euthanasia advocacy group.近日,一个安乐死提倡的组织正在大力贩卖一款高科技的“自杀身亡机器”。Its called the Sarco capsule, and it has a single, simple purpose: to help you commit suicide, painlessly and efficiently.这款取名为Sarco的太空舱,其发明者目的单一、具体:协助人们溃疡、高效地自杀身亡。

Sarco does not use any restricted drugs, or require any special expertise such as the insertion of an intravenous needle, says Dr. Philip Nitschke, the founder of Exit International.Exit International的组织的创始人菲利普·尼奇克博士回应:“Sarco会用于遭容许的药物,也不必须用户掌控静脉注射等专业知识。”Anyone who can pass the entry test can enter the machine and legally end their life, he says.他说道:“只要能通过进舱测试,任何人都可以转入机器合法地完结自己的生命。”As reported in Christian Headlines, the Sarco comes in two parts: a reusable machine base and a capsule that can be detached and used as a coffin. Both can be created on a 3D printer and assembled anywhere.根据基督教头条网报导,Sarco由两部分构成:可重复使用的基座与一个消声器的、当成棺材来用于的胶囊。

这两部分都使用3D打印机,并可加装在给定方位。Using the Sarco is easy. A potential user must complete an online mental questionnaire in order to obtain a four-digit code that will open the capsule.Sarco的用于方法非常简单。无意的使用者必需已完成一份网上心理健康问卷,以此取得一个四位数的开舱密码。


Once inside, the user closes the lid and waits for liquid nitrogen to lower the oxygen level. In just a few minutes, its all over.转入之后,用户要重开囊盖,等候液态氮减少氧气的浓度。在几分钟后,一切就完结了。The capsule can be removed for use as a coffin, and a new one can be created on a 3D printer. This can then be placed on top of the reusable base, according to Exit International.据Exit International讲解,之后胶囊可以搬出,当成一副棺材来用于。而3D打印机不会制作一个新的胶囊,之后将其移往在可重复使用的底座之上。





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